Lots of Changes in the Last 10 Years

My first blog post was in August of 2012. A lot has changed in my life since then. These last ten years have been a time of transition in just about every area of my life. As I go back and read my posts, I see times of confusion, times of loss, and lots of [...]

Being Productive in Every Season

We recently purchased our first Hydroponics garden. It came equipped with all the stuff we needed for it to produce a lot of good fruit. I thought all we had to do is keep the water level up and put in some fertilizer once in a while. Being first-time hydro farmers is realizing our countertop [...]


I try to swim every couple of days and the other day I met a neighbor at the pool. As we were getting to know each other, she began sharing with me that she had recently lost her husband. They had been married just short of 70 years. She told me how lonely she was [...]


Last month I turned 69, so I am now living my 70th year. Wow!! For some reason, 70 is a big deal in my mind. I feel like I am getting ready to cross over into another country.....Senior Country. Every decade in life presents its own challenges, and I'm not so sure I am ready [...]


No matter what age or season we find ourselves statistics will suggest we have missed the opportunity to be our best. For instance, if you didn't learn a second language by ages 7 or 8 it will definitely be too difficult now. If you didn't run a marathon at age 28 then.....good luck! It's interesting [...]