Wednesday was the Release date for our book COMMON SENSE PARENTING Raising Principled Children in an Every-Shifting Culture. We got word from our Distributor that they have already sent out the first 1,000 and orders are still coming in.

This book was a dream of my husband Jerry’s for about the last ten years. He began to get serious about actually writing it five years ago. While he was writing he realized that the input from both Sarah Mwania (our daughter) and his mother Shirley was going to be vital in fleshing out the values he talks about in the book. After two years of hard work and lots of talking back and forth with both of these mothers, he finally was able to send it to the printers.

People ask why I didn’t write this with him. I need to let you know that all three of the spouses involved contributed a lot to both the ideas and to all the stories each couple remembered from all the years of their parenting. I mean, we couldn’t have parented very well without each other. Sarah and Solo are just beginning in their parenting journey, compared to Jerry and I and his parents, Al and Shirley. But they are definitely proof that these values have been able to translate to the third generation and be just as important as they were almost 100 years ago. And they have had a lot more practice than any of us with their eleven children!!

You will read stories and examples of what each of these principles looks like when applied to your children. It is an accumulation of wisdom from raising 18 children in all. You will be challenged and yet get a good laugh and enjoy reading about some of our experiences in those parenting years.

If you would like to order your copy, here is the link to our distributor Ironstream Media. It is also available on Amazon. One more thing, after you read the book, please write a review on Amazon and also Ironstream.

THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!! We are already hearing from so many of you that purchased the book while it was available in pre-order and you have been so complimentary in your remarks. We are praying this is a help and a blessing to every parent, grandparent, and parent-to-be who reads it.



  1. It will certainly be a “timely” read in this uncertain world we are living in. God Bless you Jerry! Hope you sell a gazillion copies and as many hearts are challenged and changed!

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