Lots of Changes in the Last 10 Years

My first blog post was in August of 2012. A lot has changed in my life since then. These last ten years have been a time of transition in just about every area of my life. As I go back and read my posts, I see times of confusion, times of loss, and lots of posts encouraging me and my readers not to give up but to press on because God has a plan and a purpose for every change and in every season.

I am also convinced that the title of this blog is still very relevant, EMBRACING LIFE’S SEASONS. Every season has to be embraced in order to enjoy it fully and also to glean everything you need to prepare you for your next season. Some seasons are more challenging than others but those are the ones in which you learn and grow the most.

So, what is happening in this season for me?

Many of you are new to this blog because of THE PAPA’S KITCHEN. Back in May of this year my husband and I started a youtube channel in which he (The Papa) cooks, and I (the Nana) film. I also ask him what he is doing, and, well, just bug him a lot. 🤪 We post a new video every Wednesday at noon. The recipes we use have been posted to this blog which was accessed by a link in the channel description and that’s how you found me. Recently we began posting a link to a PDF instead of linking them to the blog as that format is difficult to do on this blog.

We are working on our own website!

In the near future, we will be posting the recipes there. And our plan is to have my blog there as well as be able to offer other goodies for everyone to enjoy. We are very excited about this website and believe it will open up more avenues to reach our audience, whether they are from Embracing Life’s Seasons or from The Papa’s Kitchen.

This venture we have taken on has brought change to our lives and I plan to share some of that as well as continue to write encouraging thoughts like I have in the past here on Embracing Life’s Seasons. We love what we are doing and also love all the connections it has brought our way. AND we love eating such wonderful food each week when we film a dish for you!

For me personally, it has brought renewed purpose and vision. I know that sounds kind of superficial but it is exactly what I have needed in this season of my life. I can also see how these last ten years have prepared me for this time.

God, always answers prayers and He always knows just what we need and He always does it His way and in His time.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my subscribers for being faithful to continue to follow along on this blog. Whatever season of life you find yourself in right now, be encouraged and know God has a plan and He is preparing you for your future!


4 thoughts on “Lots of Changes in the Last 10 Years

  1. Very nice Susan! I enjoy watching you and Jerry in the kitchen and really was tickled at the Anniversary episode! Where was the bridesmaid shot?!!! 🙂 It will be 36 for me and Bernie Oct. 4th. It’s been a wonderful journey and God knew the perfect man for me. (But, that’s not to say he’s perfect!! LOL) I’m not either! I too have found myself asking God what is ahead for me. I’m content in where God has brought us, but I think there is more to the story up the road and I embrace that. In June I was contacted by my former boss and office manager at the FAA, asking if I’d consider coming back. Long story and several months later, I’ll start again on Oct. 24th!

    It’s all work from home now, for the most part but there may be some travel involved. Will be overseeing Frontier Airlines out of Denver.

    Will stay in touch and I pray you all made it thru this hurricane in safe manner! Blessings my friend. Kathy


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    1. Thanks Kathy!! I had THE BEST bridesmaids in my wedding!! It’s amazing how God continues to direct our lives in every season. I’m sure you will live this new “job”. We are have fun with the The Papa’s Kitchen. Who would have thought Jerry would be doing a cooking show😂😂 We need to have another catch-up call!! Love you guys😍😍


  2. Susan, this great for you! You have found your ” just passed”, mid life niche.
    You always look very comfortable working with Jerry, in video or just talking. Good job!

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