A Tribute to Mom who Turns 95

When someone asks my mom about the secret to her long life she says, "Well, I just live life." This was taken on her 95th Birthday. Mom's life has been one that would seem to many as full of adventure and excitement. I see it as one that has demanded a lot of bravery and [...]


Last month I turned 69, so I am now living my 70th year. Wow!! For some reason, 70 is a big deal in my mind. I feel like I am getting ready to cross over into another country.....Senior Country. Every decade in life presents its own challenges, and I'm not so sure I am ready [...]


2020 was a year that brought lots of changes. All of us have had to learn to do everyday life in new ways. When such drastic change happens in the world around you, it exposes weaknesses and strengths in the structure of your current life. I have taken the month of January to ask myself [...]