No matter what age or season we find ourselves statistics will suggest we have missed the opportunity to be our best. For instance, if you didn’t learn a second language by ages 7 or 8 it will definitely be too difficult now. If you didn’t run a marathon at age 28 then…..good luck! It’s interesting that for each of the statistics I’ve mentioned I can find someone who defied these limitations.

A person’s capacity can be unbelievable when they are determined to accomplish their purpose.

Here are some amazing examples I found on marathon runners: Ginette Bedard in 2019 at the age of 84 ran in her 17th Marathon. Then there is Harriette Thompson who in 2017 became the oldest woman to COMPLETE a Marathon. Fauja Singh has been heralded as the oldest active marathon runner at the age of 106.

These women didn’t let their age or season of life keep them from doing what they knew was their purpose.

A question I hear from so many women is “Who am I in this season? Are my gifts and talents still significant?”


I recently heard a message from a pastor that helped me tremendously. He spoke from the book of John chapter 15. Jesus was with his disciples in a vineyard and He used the example of fruit-bearing trees to explain how we grow spiritually. There were two points Pastor Magongi made that caused me to see this chapter in a new light. 1. God expects fruit in our season. (He does so much to help us be our fruit-full.) 2. I, personally, need to produce fruit. (I can’t leave it up to others and use excuses of age or even hardship to be less fruit-full.)

So, here are three things you can do to encourage ‘fruit’ in this season of life:

  • Admit to yourself you have been considering trying something and have used every excuse possible to keep yourself from stepping out of your comfort zone. Maybe it’s starting a Bible Study or getting more involved in your community or school. Maybe it’s blogging or writing a book. How about learning a second language or even running a marathon!!
  • Take a step forward. If you need to take a class, sign up now. Find a friend that has taken that step and join them. Read a book that will help you explore the very thing you are pursuing. Listen to Podcasts on the subject. There are so many ways to explore any subject you are interested in.
  • Set a goal. By such and such a date I am going to _________. Then tell someone so they will hold you accountable. This can be the most difficult step but the most rewarding!!

Don’t let this season of life slip by when you are so very valuable and have so much to give.



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