No Rear View Mirror Gazing for Me

Do you ever find yourself arguing with God?  I believe God is always speaking to us but most of the time we just don’t want to listen.  He speaks to me in my thoughts.  We have long conversations and I’m not sure I’m even aware we are having them.  But I argue with Him.  He tells me to be content and happy with my new life and surroundings and I tell Him things are not like they used to be and so how can I be happy?  I must admit that my arguments are NOT very convincing!!! Always, that calm, consistent voice in my head tells me everything is good and will actually be better if I will just be patient and wait on Him.

It’s kind of interesting that we always want to compare our life now with what we had before.  If we always live in the “before now” we will never get brave enough to step into the “what if”.  To me that means I have to take the opportunities that present themselves to me now…right now. And I find that a little scary!  In fact, when I get honest with myself, change and stretching into things that are unfamiliar are harder to grasp than I ever thought they’d be.

So, my resolve for 2016 is to NOT look in my rear view mirror but to keep my eyes and thoughts (that is very important to do) straight ahead and to take that beautiful highway right in front of me. I do that by LISTENING to God and NOT arguing with Him but agreeing with Him as He speaks to me. I also do it by knocking on the doors that He has wanted me to knock on but I’ve been nervous about doing.  And then I spend time waiting in His Presence and in His Word and BELIEVE that the doors He wants opened will open for me.

Before long that rear view mirror won’t be such a temptation anymore and I will be celebrating that open highway in front of my SUV!

Proverbs 4:25 HCSB “Let your eyes look forward: fix your gaze straight ahead.”  Philippians 3:13 & 14 “……But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus.”


One thought on “No Rear View Mirror Gazing for Me

  1. What an encouraging reminder for the new year! God is with us, for us & working each & everyday in our lives & circumstances for our good & His Glory! Looking back is only useful if it allows us to move forward in greater faith toward “His Goal” for our lives. My prayer is that my choices will do this “one thing” and see His Hand in 2016 as never before.

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