Navigating the Seasons

In the past year I have had to “practice what I blog” so to speak.  When I started this blogging thing I knew the subject should revolve around the seasons of life and how important it is to embrace them instead of run from them.  In other words, it is important to look at the best of every season of life instead of dreading it or complaining about it.  So much has happened to let me practice this piece of advise!

  1. My father passed away.  He was an amazing man and I miss him!
  2. My mother has leaned on me to find her place in life without her partner of  63 years and 1 1/2 years later is beginning to do just that.
  3. My husband retired, or shall I say, took on a different life’s work.
  4. We relocated from Nebraska after 25 years to Florida.
  5. I am adjusting to my newest season…..figuring out what I am doing!
  6. My youngest brother died this past month after battling the terrible disease of ALS.  Loosing a sibling is not easy.  I read recently that we are called the “forgotten mourners”.  This is a season no one is prepared for.

The season of life that we, I and my husband, are entering just isn’t talked about enough.  There are many of us in our 60s and 70s who are retiring, moving, preparing for our last years while we are still taking care of our parents and enjoying our grandkids (of which I have 9) while we watch our own kids go through all the struggles and joys of raising their own families and working hard so they can do what we are doing one day!!!  Ha!  Life sure goes full circle!

One thing that stays the same in my life and actually gets stronger and larger is my faith in Jesus.  Without His Spirit to comfort and guide me and His Word to run to I really don’t know how I would be able to stand during these times.  When I feel like the very ground I am standing on is experiencing an earthquake that would shake San Francisco to it’s foundations.  When I feel the weight of the world is on my shoulders and there is no where to dump it.  That is when I remember (after going through a season of forgetting) that my God’s promise is that He will never leave me or forsake me….leave me all alone. And that He has already gone before me and is there before I get there even though I don’t feel Him or see Him.  It’s my Faith in Him and my life of 63 years that is reminds His promises have never failed me yet.

Enjoying and learning from this new Season of Life!


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