Are you ever really ready?

My brother is walking a walk of complete faith in his God!

O love that won't let go

Perhaps becoming ready is a process. I’m finding out that it’s hard to say goodbye. I firmly believe that heaven is a much better place than here and now. But even with a better place waiting for me it’s hard to be ready to leave those I love so dearly, those so close and those I so want to be proud of their Dad and husband. Not to mention close and dear friends. I could tell when my Father was ready to enter his peace. Today was not that day for me, I wasn’t ready

What a day of big decisions. I had PEG Tube surgery scheduled for this morning. Leading up to this day Bo and I had met with our surgeons office and a staff member went over the procedure with us and then asked if we had any questions. I asked how they do this procedure with…

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