Calling All Intercessors!

This morning my heart is full of concern for those I know that are suffering from physical needs and there just doesn’t seem to be an answer. When we are watching our loved ones suffer and can do nothing but encourage and try to empathize we can feel so helpless.
That is when I am so glad I can call on someone who knows them better than anyone else and is lifting them and their needs to God our Father. He is the Holy Spirit. John 16:7. He knows more than I do what they need at each moment of each day and I can pray to Him. He can send someone or speak a word of comfort or encouragement through someone when I can’t be there with my friends in need.
That is called interceeding for someone. I am standing in their place before Jesus and asking on their behalf. And that is exactly what he does for us and those we are praying for those we can’t be there to help in other ways.
So, don’t feel helpless…..just pray and ask the Holy Spirit to do His thing!!!


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