Reconciliation or Not

This is a post on my brother Steve’s blog. Such good insight and wisdom.

O love that won't let go

I was stumped, left speechless, “God only requires us to forgive, we are not obligated to reconcile. It didn’t sound exactly correct but my mind was not pulling up the reference points for me to be absolutely sure.

There are a lot of statements that sound like truth, mirror truth, even make common sense to the circumstances we face in life so we adopt them as truth. That’s how we as Christians use the Bible at times. We have a tendency to pick and choose what we need to allow us to make a choice we can appease our conscience with. I’ve done that and most likely you have too.

I don’t believe you can do one without the other. You can’t reconcile without first forgiving and you can’t forgive without offering reconciliation. I say offering because the only way reconciliation shouldn’t be possible is if one party refuses to…

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