Homemade Clam Chowder

The Papa’s Kitchen



½ cup of bacon

1-2 tablespoons of oil

2 cups of diced leeks

2 teaspoons grated garlic (1 large clove)

1 teaspoon of thyme (I forgot this ingredient on the video – sorry)

1 Jalapeno pepper small diced

2 tablespoons flour

2 bottles of clam juice

1-2 cups of water (depends on how much you want to make, etc.)

2 cups of cubed potatoes (I used Idaho)

1 teaspoon of salt

½ teaspoon of ground pepper

2 10oz cans of baby clams

1 cup of fresh corn

½ or 1 cup of heavy cream

Chive or Parsley to serve


In a Dutch oven add bacon and oil and cook till crisp.  Then add the leeks and garlic and thyme and Jalapeno pepper to the pot.  Stir to sauté until slightly translucent.  Add flour and stir then add clam juice, water, potatoes, salt, ground pepper, and clams.  Boil for 20 minutes or so.  Once this is cooked and the potatoes are fork-tender, add the corn (I also added my mushrooms) and bring to a boil again.  Add heavy cream according to desired thickness, while simmering.  Serve with chive or parsley on top.  ENJOY!!!


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