Beginning to embrace change.

I am sitting in my friend’s living room in Singapore enjoying a cup of tea and thinking about the amazing places I have gone to this year.  My neighbor in Florida calls me her “vagabond” neighbor because I am always coming from somewhere or going somewhere.  Even though traveling has always been a part of my life, I am now getting to go to countries I never even thought about.

This year I have already been to Mexico, Canada, several states in the US, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Singapore, and East Malaysia.  I have plans yet this year to go to Sri Lanka and Kenya.  Never, in all my wildest dreams did I see myself going to this many countries in my sixties.

The best part of traveling is getting to know and enjoy different cultures.  People around the world are the same in so many ways, but their food and way of living out their lives change in every country.  One of the things everyone understand though is a smile.  I smile and they ALWAYS smile back.  Even when I’ve done something that makes them know I am a complete stranger to their culture.  I’ve had some good laughs, and I know they have too!!

So, you just never know what your life is going to be like.  I am practicing saying “yes” to my traveling opportunities and, in the process, making friends around the world.

This picture I took on a rainy afternoon as I was cursing along the Danube.  It was so serene and beautiful with the clouds and the rain drops on the window.


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