A Season of Stretching

Stretching is very, very important.  The older I get the tighter my muscles seem to get and sometimes I experience lower back and leg pain that reminds me I turned 60 this year.  BUT the more consistent I am in my stretching, the less pain I experience.  You’d think it would work just the opposite, the older the muscles are the more stretched out.  (Hmmmmmm, not going there today!)

The problem isn’t that my muscles are old, it’s because they are under used.  My season of life doesn’t need the use of my muscles like other  seasons did.

The same thing has happened in my Spirit.  Some of my Spiritual Muscles have been “under used” and the Lord is beginning to allow some “pain” in them just to remind me to begin to stretch (“enlarge” is the word the scripture uses) those muscles.

The Lord is so faithful in our lives to cause this pain and it is all for our good.  He is always calling us in the right direction.  I am having to run to catch up and my Spirit Muscles are complaining!

“2 Samuel 22:37 “You enlarged my path under me. So my feet did not slip.”

As I begin taking the time to stretching out my back each day, the pain begins to go away.  As I pray more, my faith increases.  As I take the time to care more for what He cares for, I am encouraged.  As I give more away, He gives more back to me.

AND MY WALK WITH HIM GETS STEADIER!   Where are you experiencing “pain”?  Maybe you need to take the time to “stretch” a little!




2 thoughts on “A Season of Stretching

  1. I’ve been going to the chiropractor for lower back pain and the one thing that he told me will help the most is to do consistent stretching, every day. It is amazing how much that help in the healing process, but not only that, it helps to PREVENT many common back injuries. He explained to me that many times people come in to his office because they were bending over to tie their shoe and they threw out their back. He says that the “tying of the shoe” was just simply the tiny little straw that broke the camels back. The lack of stretching and regular care for their back is what really caused the problem. I think there is a lot of spiritually applicability here as well. Don’t just stretch spiritually when the pain comes or when faced with challenges. Continually stretch each day to PREVENT those injuries and pains of life from happening. We all need more “core strength”, spiritually speaking.

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