On Easter weekend Saturday is not usually talked about. Friday is the day we remember as the day Christ our Lord was crucified. It is a day of remembering all Jesus did for us as He walked to His death on the cross. We remember that He did it just for you and for me. Sunday is a day of celebration. Jesus rose from the grave and lives forever!

Saturday for me was always my day to clean the house. For my teenagers, it was the day they got to sleep in and do something fun. We always had pancakes or french toast for breakfast on Saturday. Now that we are empty nesters and retired from the demands of our jobs, Saturday doesn’t always feel different than any other day.

For others, it can be a lonely day. Those who have lost their spouse are now learning to live life alone. Some people have made work their life and so their Saturday at home is empty and uneventful. My mom says Saturdays are boring :). She misses the predictable and scheduled events during the week.

If you put yourself in the place of the Apostles in the Bible, Saturday begins to take on another meaning. On Friday they watched their beloved teacher and friend endure one of the most painful deaths known. Just remembering His suffering and then realizing their loss would have filled that Saturday with disbelief and sorrow. For three years they had been with him night and day. I’m sure they were trying to envision what their lives would look like now without Him. Even though He had told them He would die and be buried and then rise from the grave, I’m sure it was hard to believe all of that could actually happen.


If we are honest, we can all identify the “Saturdays” in our life. The day after you heard a diagnosis that seemed final. The day after your marriage looked like it was over. The day after your rebellious child turned away from all you taught them. The day after you had to watch your spouse or a close friend or a child suffer from something and you could do nothing to help them. It is the day after a tragedy but before we see the miracle.

What we have to remember is that Sunday ALWAYS comes after Saturday.

And Sunday is the day of RESURRECTION! Jesus never wants to leave us in a place of hopelessness. His Word to us is always one of restoration. His promise is that after death comes life. We don’t stay in that hopeless state but we remember times when we saw Him bring restoration and reconciliation and resurrection just when we needed it. We witnessed a miracle and saw His promise fulfilled. That is when we can begin to believe for it to happen again. We have no clue when Saturday will end so we have to trust that Sunday is on its way. Resurrection Sunday is coming, this is a promise we can be sure of!!! It is a matter of standing in faith and not in doubt.

That is what I pray for Easter to be for you this year. If you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, now is the time to start one. Just talk to Him and ask Him to make Himself real to you. Believe He is God and ask Him to be in charge of your life. Make this Easter a day of celebration!

PS: My favorite song right now is CeCe Winens singing BELIEVE FOR IT. Listen to it and be encouraged!



  1. Such a good reminder, Susan. Like Mary & the deciples, we suffer extreme sadness at times, but little did they know, their joy would come Sunday morning! Ours will to when we follow diligently Him!

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  2. I will save this and read often. This is exactly what God wanted me to read this morning. Although it is the Tuesday after Easter, I still need to read this on the daily. I need the reminder. When the loneliness begins to overtake the hope that God brings, it is time for me to be turn my eyes upon Jesus, knowing He is always with me no matter the circumstances.


  3. I love this! I never really thought about Saturday this way! Whether in context of Resurrection or regular life. I like how you pointed out that Saturdays may be hard for some people. How insightful! I hope to use this new way of thinking to bless those around me. Thank you for sharing!

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