Relationships change with every season. Friends that were close in those younger years don’t always remain close as our season in life changes. When we move, relationships change as well. We find ourselves making new friends and forming new relationships.

In order for relationships to remain they have to change as you change.

I am not the same person I was in my teens, thank goodness! We change as we experience more of life, hopefully for the good. I have found that the friends who have been in my life for 20 years or more are ones that have grown and changed as I have. Wether my relationships are new or have been in my life for a long time, they are have become more important to me in this season. And it’s a proven fact that relationships keep us younger, and healthier.

What has surprised me in this season is how precious relationships have become to me.

I am the oldest in my family and so is my husband. Over the almost 46 years of marriage and five major moves, we have experienced seasons of change in our relationships with our siblings. There have been seasons of closeness, and then seasons where we weren’t so close. Those not so close seasons were when are families were young and our careers all consuming, as well as when each of us were living across the country or on the other side of the world from each other!

Here are 3 ways relationships become easier over the years:

  • We find it easier to forgive and forget. Maybe it’s because we realize none of us is perfect and we are more willing to accept the mistakes of others because we know we made just as many.
  • We become more willing to choose our fights and not feel like we have to confront everything we don’t agree on. Some things just aren’t worth fighting over anymore!
  • We need each other! In our former seasons of life we took pride in being independent but as we age and gain some wisdom, we begin to realize the season we are heading into is one where we will need our friends and family. Relationships become much more important to us.

Every season in my life has changed me and my relationships. I am finding that even those I had in my early years are different and on a newer level. They are sweet and very precious to me. We are getting to know each other again and enjoying the memories of the past as well as well as building new memories in the present.

Siblings and friends. Life is real and not always easy. We need each other and life is better with them in it!

You may find yourself in a season of disconnect with your siblings or maybe you are having a hard time making new friends. I have found that I need a point of connection in order to connect…(wow…profound, isn’t it:) With my brothers we have been able to reconnect because our kids are grown, our time is more free, and we are currently living in the same country! But we have also had to make it a priority to see each other and to talk regularly on the phone. It has been important to us and I am loving it!

I believe the best place to make new connections is in a local church. Most churches have small groups that meet together during the week and just attending regularly makes you a familiar face and you begin to connect. Another great place to meet people is by participating in a group sport. No more rocking chair seniors. The ones around me play tennis, ride their bikes and keep as active as their health allows.

If you want to enjoy this season then begin to make relationships your priority. Forgive, forget, and be intentional about reaching out. This season of life can be one of great enjoyment and fulfillment.



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