Lately I have had to remind myself “it’s only a season”. Seasons don’t last forever. I am one that always dreaded the end of Summer, knowing that the cold was just around the corner. Now that I am in Florida and Summer is pretty much all year I find myself fondly remembering the cool days of Fall. Even recalling seeing the first snow of winter makes me nostalgic.

In every season we are faced with storms we have to navigate. When I find myself in the middle of one of those I have to force myself dig deep and find peace. I recently read this in a devotional:

“Peace is “an inside job.” Oceanographers tell us that even the worst ocean storms rarely extend more than twenty-five feet below the surface. Gales can rip the ocean, causing tidal waves one hundred feet high, but just twenty-five feet below the surface the water is as calm as a pond.”

I have only found the kind of peace that never changes by putting my faith and trust in Jesus. I have to remind myself in the middle of a season that is difficult that deep down I’m ok and that Jesus is going to use this season of my life for His purpose. He is the calm below the surface for me and I put my trust in Him.


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