This blog was started five years ago with the idea of sharing experiences and challenges that come with change.  That’s right CHALLENGES OF CHANGE.  We are creatures of habit and we really don’t like a lot of change.  We like the thought of it but then, when we actually experience it, we find it full of challenges and “out of our comfort zone experiences”.  

When you cross over into your sixties change isn’t something that might happen; I can promise you it will happen.  Your parents begin to need you in a new way, or you think they do. I find myself feeling guilty for not calling my mom in two days and then when I finally do call her she is busy and only talks for a second.  (So why did I feel so guilty???!!!)

Your children begin to think you need them in a new way.  I was talking to my son the other day and he caught himself cautioning me on how careful I need to be when I am riding with my husband on his Honda Gold Wing.  He started to laugh and said “That sounded like a role reversal statement!”  Ha!!  (BTW I took his advise.)

We tend to take on stresses that aren’t ours to pick up. We feel obligated or guilty because we have more time and fewer responsibilities and we feel like life is unfulfilling and without purpose.   I FEEL LIKE I NEED TO REINVENT MYSELF. I NEED A LIFE! 

I wrote the above words about two months ago.  Since then I began stepping out of my box that I felt all these changes had put me in and began actively searching for meaning in all the confusion I was experiencing.  Questions like, “Who am I?” and “What am I to do in this Season of my life?” and even “Why am I so confused and stressed about all this?”  I have never been a person that got stressed out about things and have even been told that I am an extremely flexible person.  So why has all this change in my life thrown me for a loop?….so to speak.

Well, to continue to write what has happened to me the last two months would be too much in one blog.  So I am going to take the next several weeks to tell my story.  God sure has a sense of humor and although His way is not one we would readily choose, I am convinced that it is definitely the BEST!!!

Story to be continued……


2 thoughts on “BE WILLING TO ASK

  1. I am so identifying with your blog. I have all these questions and emotions. I feel guilty some days because I’m not doing enough. Ugh! Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Hey Nancy. Thanks for commenting. I believe there a lot of ‘us’ in this season. Take heart, God can and does being good things in the middle of our confusion!!


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