A TIME OF PEACE IN MY DAY The other day, as I was blowing my hair dry (weird place to get thoughts for blog posts, I know) this sentence came to mind. "Some days you just have to fight for your peace of mind." I hadn't slept well that night. Thoughts about the state of [...]

Course Correcting Season

“As I look back on my life, I realized that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.”Annonymous Earlier this year I attended a small gathering of women with my daughter-in-law, Jill, and my granddaughter, Kenya. It was sponsored by a Christian lady who [...]



It has been really difficult to write my blog during this time of Covid19 isolation. When I sit down to write I want to encourage readers to stand strong and trust God (my latest blog), but so many others are doing such a great job doing that already. I've considered totally ignoring everything going on [...]

It’s Time to Stand in Faith: A Story of God’s Provision

In the last few weeks I have been asking myself questions like "how do I stay strong in this fear driven world?" And "what if I get this virus?" And even "what if my income is affected by this shaky economy?" I'm sure you have found yourself asking the same questions. There is so much [...]


No matter what age or season we find ourselves statistics will suggest we have missed the opportunity to be our best. For instance, if you didn't learn a second language by ages 7 or 8 it will definitely be too difficult now. If you didn't run a marathon at age 28 then.....good luck! It's interesting [...]