Last month was pretty crazy.  There were days when I had a really hard time seeing any good that could possibly come out of quitting a job I had begun only three months before.  I mean, what had I been thinking when I said “yes” to working again?

 I am the kind of person who wants to know the next turn well in advance.  Ms. Google (on Google Maps) has become a personal friend of mine.  She tells me what to expect next.  She lets me know when I need to keep to the left to anticipate my upcoming left turn.  She even informs me that my destination is on my right when I have been looking left and would have missed it completely.  There have been a few times when I did question her directions.  Every time that happens it’s either because there is a detour I am not aware of or she know’s a shortcut that is new to me or I entered the address incorrectly.  In other words, it is usually my fault.  Ms. Google is actually getting me to my destination to avoid trouble.

Yes, a detour is necessary.

You remember the Children of Isreal who took detours all through the desert for 40 years?  Although their grumbling and complaining kept making their journey longer and longer, God kept waiting for them to get it right.  They are the ones who made the journey longer than necessary yet He gave them the freedom to make those choices.  He knew what they needed in order to be able to go into Canaan and take the land that was rightfully theirs.  In fact, a whole generation had to die out and the next generation was the one who accomplished what God called them to accomplish.  

He was willing to let them take as many detours as they needed to in order to complete His work in them for their future.

Saying “yes” to this job was God allowing me to choose my own way.  I see it now as a detour to open my eyes to see I was already in God’s perfect plan.  Experiencing life through my choices and decisions caused me to feel what it was like trying to get to my destination on my own.  It was difficult, to say the least!

I know the Children of Israel felt like life was more difficult once they were following God but if they would have been able to spend just one day back in slavery they would have realized God was actually moving them into something even better than what they had before.

Those three months of working did that for me.  I now see my current situation as one God is using to prepare me for what is ahead.  This season of life can seem like an end but in God, there is never an end.  There is always a plan for the future.

 We are the ones that put a period at the end of a season.  God puts a comma.  And sometimes a detour is for our own good!


6 thoughts on “ARE DETOURS​ NECESSARY?

  1. What a valuable lesson, Susan! It reminds me of the song, “When you can’t see His hand, trust His heart”. Thanks so much for sharing! ❤

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  2. This is really encouraging for me. As I have been struggling with the idea of maintaining a full time job I started in February. It’s in a church, one I worked at before agreeing to be full time as a very part-time kids Care coordinator. Now I have agreed to fully immerse myself after seeing there was a huge need. This part of my personality is what tends to lead me down the wrong paths or “detours” of that life that ultimately lead me back to the Father. Since agreeing to this new position, I have taken in so much more stress and discovered I’m pregnant with our first child. Before beginning to work again, I quit everything. School, work, etc in order to be still and discover the peace and identity the Lord is trying to establish in my life. But nonetheless, I grew discontent and sought other opportunities to fulfill my seemingly boring life. But now I regret that, because I see I was exactly where I needed to be in order to prepare me for the future God has for me and my family. But I felt stuck… Now that I have agreed to this position and so many changes have happened in that ministry (with so many people leaving) I feel stuck if I was to leave too. Although I only stepped in because I saw the need. Which, as I said, is what usually gets me into these pickles. I would definitely love for some advice/wisdom!

    Thank you for writing the blog and sharing your thoughts! It has helped me see why I have been struggling with this job lately. It’s all because deep down I realize God had me exactly where I needed to be beforehand. I wonder if I’ll ever stop taking these “detours”

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    1. Elena; You sound like me!!! I think after so many years of making the same mistake I have finally learned it is ok to back out when I see it is too much. I used to let guilt rule my decisions especially if I thought I would disappoint someone but now I see that God always makes a way and there is usually someone who can take my place. I use my husband as my sounding board because he usually sees things clearer than I do. Be honest with your leaders and they will hear your heart. I want my detours to teach me something. Sometimes that is the only way I learn!! I’ll be praying for you.


    2. Hi Elena. I have been reviewing my comments and realized it’s been just over a year since you wrote this. Your life must look so different now. A new baby can change everything. Thanks so much for sharing with me and would love to know how things are going for you now. Praying God’s richest blessings on your life. Susan


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